Our commitment

...is customer satisfaction

• The HACCP procedures have been incorporated, and we are now working towards ISO 9001 certification to improve and guarantee our performances. We are also looking into the possibility of environmental certification.
• The production equipment is monitored continuously as regards capacities, temperatures, conductivity, ph, levels, etc. in order to identify any anomaly and take action at any time.
• The quality of our products is protected and guaranteed by a refrigeration system able to provide 1,000,000 B.T.Us.
• Our purifier, composed of a bio-ox tank, has a capacity of 50,000 Hl. It handles the effluents produced and limits their impact on the public sewage system.
• We have an in-house laboratory which is staffed by professionals with appropriate scientific training. It supports production by monitoring, preventing and taking action when required. The laboratory of the Consortium for the protection of Asti DOCG also assists us where necessary.
• The administration department is equipped with management software that facilitates paperwork and makes it secure.