Our products

The winery is dedicated to production; that is the process of vinification of grapes to high quality standards, based on raw materials which undergo strict quality controls and using modern technological processes. The winery employs an agronomist which follows the entire production cycle of the members’ vineyards.

These are products which maintain the characteristics of the original grape variety clarified, refrigerated and filtered, if necessary or if required. Usually Clarified and Refrigerated. Suited to the preparation of basic wines from which sparkling and semi-sparkling wines are obtained according to production specifications.

These wines maintain all the characteristics of the original grapes. A careful selection process in the vineyard, combined with the most classical and rigorous methods of wine production, creates excellent wines suited for long-term aging or ready to drink, which are perfumed and delightful and suited for emerging markets where it is necessary to adapt to the needs of the consumer.


MPF atto Asti Spumante Docg
MPF atto Moscato D’asti Docg
Mosto bianco aromatico
da uve Moscato
Mosto bianco netro
da uva a bacca bianca e nera
MPF atto Brachetto d’Acqui
o Acqui Docg
Mosto rosso da uve aromatiche

Vino Atto Dolcetto
(Doc Piemonte, Monferrato, Asti, Acqui e Ovada)
Vino Atto Barbera
(Doc Piemonte o Monferrato e Docg Asti e Asti Superiore)